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Polar Cat 110

Polar Cat 110



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Model: Polar Cat 110
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Polar Cat 110
110 H W

Description: Polar Cat 110
MSRP: $1,399.00
Engine Size: 108cc
HP: 6
Cooling: Air Cooled
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Chain
Starter: Electric
Ignition: CDI
Brakes: Rear Disc Pedal
Length: 53.5"
Width: 31.5"
Height: 34.5"
Clearance: 5"

"The sweetest Kid ATV that we sell."

$579 Sale Price
It is easy to order.
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Polar Cat
110cc Kid ATV

Retail $1,499.00
Age Recommendations: 8 - 14 years

&The Polar Cat 110 is a fast, rugged and tight little machine. Sounds like a dream when cranked up and runs like that of a lion cat with its tight body and precision turning. Sports the 10? tires that allow most bumps to comfortably come and go with ease.

The full automatic 4.5 horsepower 4-stroke engine boasts a Dual A-Arm suspension and rear shocks allow the rider ease out the thicket of most trouble. It is a small workhorse at best with the front and rear racks and sports a strong steal bumper. The dual lights are protected in the steal racks to keep you lit while in the brush.

Take this machine against any big named ATV manufacturer and smile with pride. Not only is this going to out perform, you just saved yourself about $1300.00? how ?bout them apples!

Features include a 4.5 horsepower 4-stroke engine, hand break, remote stop/start & alarm, hydraulic rear disc break, on-off fuel valve, choke lever on handlebars, heat shield from motor, dual A-Arm suspension and rear mono-shock. The Trail Hammer Jr. has bright headlights on the front for day or nighttime driving (take it from people who ride? it?s a whole lot easier to see your little drivers with lights on than without!).

Take advantage of this workhorse and buy with confidence that the child will thoroughly enjoy this junior heavy-duty machine. Watch out Dad?s!

Disclaimer: Age recommendations are suggestions only. Check with your local authorities for laws in your specific areas as they differ in each state, county and city ordinances.


Assembly:  Usually takes about 1 to 2 hours.  The ATVs are completely assembled in the factory and fully tested.  After testing, the tires, battery, front bumper, racks, and the handle bars are removed.   So to assemble, put these items back on and simply tighten the bolts.  For example, the whole handle bar assembly goes back on with just a bracket and four bolts.

Maintenance:  Look in your local yellow pages for lawn mower repair, small engine repair or type in and type in small engine repair.  These ATVs have engines similar to other small engines and can easily be repaired by these people or a relative or neighbor that is a handyman.  All they need to do is to call us up so we can furnish the parts needed.

Shipping:  Shipping is free.  This ATV is normally delivered to you in a rugged metal framed box with a cardboard covering over it by R & L Carriers, Saia Motor Freight, or Forward Air trucking companies.  We have paid extra so that the residential delivery, lift gate and the telephone call to you by the trucking company is all paid by us.  So yes, residential delivery to your door is free.  The trucking company will usually call you the day prior to delivery and arrange a suitable delivery time.  Make sure when buying this unit that you include at least 2 daytime phone numbers so that the trucking company can get in contact with you.

No Sales Tax:  We do not charge you any sales tax. We will ship you the unit shown direct our of our warehouse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  After it leaves our warehouse, it usually takes anywhere between 2 to 6 working days to get to you.  Do not count Saturday or Sunday as a working day because the trucking companies do not work.

Questions:  Any other questions, please calls us at (866) 949-9931 between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm central time - Monday through Friday.

Conclusion:  No sales tax, no shipping charges, many safety features, full support of two full-time phone service technicians.  Notice the additional lik on our website at the top, Parts Request Form to order any part you need.  Call us if you have any questions. If you are serious about buying the unit, we are obviously your best choice here at GS

Other Information:  Hopefully now that you have decided to buy from us, add the extra 3-month parts warranty for $49 or the extra 6-month warranty for $99 (it comes standard with a 3-month parts warranty).  Consider the FAST SHIP delivery where your unit is shipped out of our warehouse withing 24-72 hours for $49 to the terminal and $99 to the door.

After you've received your ATV, don't forget that you bought your ATV from because your child's new found friends and cousins will want one too.

Want a Fast Ship delivery?  Normally, orders are processed and shipped our of our warehouse within 1 to 2 weeks. If you have a birthday or need this order rushed to you, simply select the Fast Ship option and we will ship out your order in 24 to 72 hours (1 to 2 business days) once payment has cleared. We will email you the tracking number the day following when it ships! This means that all orders with Fast Ship Options are put on the top of the shipping docket and shipped out within the 1 to 2 days!

The Fast Ship option is only $49.00 for a terminal delivery and $99 to your door on all our units! Our promise to you is that if for any reason we are unable to get that product to you within the 1 to 2 days, we will refund your Fast Ship charge while still rushing the order to you.

Disclaimer: Age recommendations are suggestions only. Check with your local authorities for laws in your specific areas as they differ in each state, county and city ordinances.