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4 Stroke Scooters
More Power, Better Gas Mileage

With the trio of 4 stroke scooters from GS Motorworks, we’re revolutionizing scooter riding in the United States. The Sinclair, Wasp and Riptide models comprise our line of 4 stroke motor scooters.

With a 4 stroke gas scooter from GS Motorworks, you’re getting:

  • 40 to 45 miles per hour
  • 60 to 80 miles per gallon
  • Two passenger seating
  • Four stroke engine

    These brand new 4 stroke scooters start at only $1,149 and include free shipping. These turbo powered, 49cc, 4 stroke motor scooters are designed with the commuter and the hobbyist in mind. Whether you’re looking for an economical way around town or just want a fun way to cruise around on vacations, you can’t beat the economy or the thrill of a GS Motorworks 4 stroke gas scooter.

    Whether you choose the Euro-styled Riptide, the Retro-themed Sinclair or the classic 150cc Wasp model, your 4 stroke motor scooter from GS Motorworks will turn heads as you zip along at up to 65 MPH, earning as much as 80 miles to the gallon! Take a friend on the back and head out on the town! You’ve never traveled like this before.

    Why spend nearly $5,000 on a European scooter when you can ride a 4 stroke gas scooter for less than $1,150? The thrill is the same. It’s the same wind in your face, the same exhilaration, the same fun and excitement – it’s just a whole lot cheaper to buy a scooter at GS Motorworks.

    Students find the Sinclair 4 stroke scooter to be a very efficient way to get around campus. No-hassle parking, no problem with gridlock at the end of the day and no problem filling the tank. It makes perfect sense in every way.

    City commuters find the Riptide to be a very affordable and fun way to get around town. This little 4 stroke motor scooter squeezes into spaces cars can’t go and is far more economical when it comes to fuel. Who needs a parking pass? Some riders even bring their 4 stroke gas scooters into the stairwell of the building where they work and park them there!

    And now with the Wasp Scooter and our new Alien Scooter, a whole new breed of rider will be singing the praises of our powerful 150cc 4 stroke engines.